Bar Barians
Bar Barians
Bar Barians
Bar Barians

Bar Barians

Codice Prodotto: IO.106882

Disponibilità: Disponibile

€ 19,90

Giocatori: 2-6
Durata: 20'
Età: 14+

Bar Barians è un gioco goliardico sulle risse da bar ambientato in un mondo fantasy.

Attraverso fiumi di birra e avversari poco lucidi, dovrai testare l'efficacia del tuo attacco e prepararti a difenderti con tutto ciò che troverai!

Riuscirai a esser l'ultimo a restare in piedi?

You are an adventurer, relaxing at the bar of a local inn after spending many days in a cold and dangerous dungeon. Just as you finish your sixth drink (or was it your seventh?), the two men next to you spoil your well-earned rest and start fighting. Suddenly, you are caught up in a massive brawl! Uphold your honour, fight well and try to get home on your own two feet. But remember: you started seeing double four drinks ago…


Bar Barians is an exuberant fighting game in which toddling barbarians fight each other with unusual weapons.

Lead your character through rivers of booze and drunk opponents, roll your dice to test your attack efficiency and be prepared to defense yourself, even with human shields!

Be the last one standing and become the ultimate brawler!